The Spirit of Nativity: Celebrating Christ on the Peninsula for 140 Years

“You can’t commit yourself to Christ without committing to people, because that’s where Christ is.”
– Father Clement Davenport

nativity thumbnailThe Church of the Nativity, known as the jewel of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, is renowned for its beautiful ambiance and beckoning gardens. Open around the clock, it welcomes individuals from the greater Menlo Park, California area to visit Christ in the Blessed Sacrament at any hour. Within this gem lies a faith community built on the strength of 140 years of commitment to Christ and each other. “The parish comes together to support each other just like a family would. Generations pass and there are different people still doing the same thing. That’s the Nativity way. What strikes me the most about Nativity is that you can feel God is there.” – Russ Castle

Step into Nativity’s past and meet just a few of the faithful who built this church and committed themselves to making the Catholic faith, the Sacraments and Christ’s love available to the community for generations. Experience the personal memories that demonstrate the unique experience of being a Nativity parishioner. Encounter the generosity, dedication and faithfulness that became the heritage of today’s Nativity congregation. With Christ as the foundation, the Church of the Nativity stands firm as a beacon of hope for the future. “The whole church, the sermons, the whole ambiance of being a part of it is very near and dear to my heart because it brings me closer to God and the meaning of God in my life. It is very inspiring at Nativity to see how people want to serve God and the Church.” -Marie Zahn

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