What People Say

“I am speechless. I knew I was getting something priceless, but having this book in my hands is quite an experience.”

“This whole journey has made my life so much more sharper and gracious. Sharing these stories is part of my protocol. I’m getting healed by just remembering.”

“It is amazing how I have heard my mother tell these stories many times, but to see them in writing makes it even more powerful and full of wisdom. I didn’t realize until this moment that some of her life choices were purposeful and not by chance.”


“This [book] eternalizes this whole story. It all happened 40, 50, 60 years ago. The book brings it into the present and makes it timeless. The stories told are as applicable today as when they happened. Rosemary, this is a masterpiece. You have totally embodied our dream for this book and then some. It is truly an encapsulation of her wit and wisdom – beyond our dreams!”

“My memorial book was even a notch above what I thought it would be. Highly professional. Your ability to pull it all together made it into something I’m not going to let go of! I will read it over and over again.”

family histories

“The entire project was smooth as silk. I am so impressed by your attention to details.”

“I have read this book many times and find that I keep returning to it. You truly have a gift for what you do.”

“The book is glorious! Thanks for a superb job to be enjoyed by all.”

“More emails and visitors this morning, all praising the wonderful book. People are really loving to read the stories.”

review 1


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