Father Lucky: Trust in Jesus

The Remarkable Stories of a Priest, His Passions, and the People Who Moved Him

“Father, can you teach me to fr. luckyfind God?” I’ll never forget that. The week before, he had a life that was rosy: “I don’t need God in my life.” It gave me the shivers. We all need God.

– Reflecting on Korean War service

In eighth grade, Art Davenport signed up for the seminary entrance exam so he could skip class. Thus began his unexpected journey of discovering a deep-rooted vocation to the priesthood, and bringing Christ to his fellow men at home and on foreign battlefields. Follow Fr. Davenport, retired U.S. Army Colonel, from his “priesthood by osmosis” to failing Latin class. Journey with him to his parishes that extended from the quiet gardens of Menlo Park, California, to the wartime battlefields of Korea and Vietnam. Encounter just a few circumstances that reminded him to cling to his motto, “Trust in Jesus.” Fr. Davenport’s candid wit and joy blend into his memoirs, offering a riveting reflection of Christ’s strength, guidance and protection over a lifetime.

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