About Me

I am a professional writer and personal historian with 25 years of private and corporate experience, offering a unique service for publishing memoirs, life stories, and organization histories.

I am also an experienced creative director, prepared to raise your stories to a new level of meaning and influence.

Together, we combine your vision and narratives (from one or multiple contributors), with my experience and artistry (both in words and final presentation), to produce a stunning piece that shares stories, values, experiences, lessons learned, and more.

Through a series of interviews and information gathering, I write your story, include your photos and scannable mementoes (such as news articles, certificates, cards, letters and notices), and publish the masterpiece in the format of your choice, such as a quality hardbound book with an accompanying CD for electronic copies of the photos, paperback or hardcover print (for mass distribution), video, or website. The quality is stunning. The service is personal and professional. The result is a lifetime, or several lifetimes, of important moments and contributions are shared.

Your story will change lives. Let’s give it the opportunity and impact to influence generations. Now is the time to share your legacy. With me, it is easy.

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