Classes & Coaching

Schedule a class for your family or organization and enjoy the full experience of a guided approach to publishing a life or family story. Classes extend from 12 to 24 weeks and are offered for both children and adults (as separate groups). Students will:

  • learn to research and create a detailed family tree
  • be guided through writing a complete story, from background to beginning to conclusion
  • learn to ask interview questions to yield the personality and circumstances in the life they profile, including leading questions or how to interview the less-talkative interviewee
  • learn to research and write stories about a deceased relative or friend
  • add historical influence to the story
  • find, scan, and caption relevant photos
  • order the story into an engaging read
  • design and publish a book using a web-based book publishing service
  • archive all photos and mementoes.

The outcome, a published book, is exciting! Give others the gift of an heirloom they will treasure for generations to come. Contact me for more information on classes and available dates.


Writing your own memoir or story can be a very personal experience, and every story touches both the author’s life and those who read it. Coaching sessions help you to identify your message and create a professional and influential piece worthy of the life you profile.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals who would like professional guidance on all aspects of self-publishing a book or archiving photos and mementoes. From identifying an audience, theme, and message, to editing, scanning, and publishing, my experience can assist any area of the project.

All coaching sessions are self-designed based on client needs. Contact me to schedule yours.

I remember the days that are past: I ponder all your works. I muse on what your hand has wrought and to you I stretch out my hands. -Psalm 143